Friday, December 19, 2008


This time, the local weather folks pretty much got it right. After the usual two days of pre-storm hype, by last night at ten they had the storm pretty much in their crosshairs. No more ranting about two inches of freezing rain followed by 13 inches of snow. They said it would start at ten and end about nine the next morning. And....the snow ended a little after nine this morning and the Town Plow came through a few minutes ago, around 10:30.

Actually, the "Town Plow" is a big-ass front-end loader, and the man at the controls not only scooped up the foot or more of snow in our little secluded cul-de-sac, but actually back-dragged the snow OUT of our driveway entrance. Those Town of Madison guys have it all over the city guys. (No offense to city streets super Al Schumacher, a friend of long-standing and the hardest working man in Madison today.)

One of the more amusing parts of snowmeggadon was this morning in the six o'clock hour of the local TV news, where one of the local reporters was stationed at the Seminole HiWay overpass at the Beltline Freeway, doing a "live-shot", and warning us in the most dire terms that travel was not recommended and nearly impossible....while we could CLEARLY see the traffic moving at about 45 miles an hour on the beltline, behind him. Never let the facts get in the way of a good story. Perhaps he wasn't aware the moving traffic was clearly visible in the background of the live shot.

My wife took advantage of our broadband connection at home and her Blackberry to "work" until the Town Plow came through, and she just headed off to the office on the west side. Ain't technology grand!

As for me....I'll be putting finishing touches on the snow-blowing, and then packing for Chicago and points east, as we head out of town for a few days at sunup tomorrow.

Next time, among other things, I'll talk about the current attitude of "everything's a STORM" apparently held by our local weather corps.

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