Thursday, April 9, 2009

Transport Rapture

In my opening statement, I will stipulate to three things: Barry Alvarez is the best and most successful football coach the UW has ever had; Cindy Alvarez is a model citizen and community benefactor; and I’ve never liked the way they do business at the UW Athletic Department.

The other day one of the local TV stations unearthed a story about how Cindy Alvarez gave a $1500 motor scooter to one of the Badger football players. My reading of the story is that she “won” the scooter in a raffle a while ago; or she bought it for a raffle in 2007 and then “won” it. Or something like that. Details, details. It’s so hard to remember. Anyway, she owns it; didn’t want or need it; and gave it to one of her hubby’s players who “needed transportation”. And that’s what the owner of the motor-scooter store told the TV station.

That’s the store owner’s story, and he’s sticking with it. Or at least he stuck with it for a few days, and then when the TV station asked him again, he started to use the word “sold”. Or maybe she gave it away. Or sold it. Now, he can’t seem to remember.

In between, the TV reporter asked the UW Athletic Department about the gift. Oh, no, no, no, not a “gift”…no indeed, that would violate NCAA rules, said the spokesman. Cindy SOLD the scooter to a player. You got a bill of sale on that, asked the TV reporter. Nope, said the spokesman, but…ah…we’ll get back to you on that (they did). What’s the player’s name that she gave the scooter to, asked the reporter. Can’t tell you, said the spokesman. Neither did the Athletic Department.

Back, again, to the man who owns the scooter store. What’s the player’s name, the one you gave Cindy’s scooter to, asked the reporter. Don’t know, said the store owner. Some young guy. Nice kid. Never did catch his name.

Let me see if I’ve got this straight now: Cindy Alvarez bought a scooter. It was going to be raffled off. Nobody can remember if it was raffled off. But she owned it. Some young guy who’s a football player went to the store where the scooter was kept, and drove off on it. But the owner of the store didn’t get the name of the fellow who apparently just came in and drove off on Cindy’s scooter.
But an NCAA compliance officer “has reviewed the situation and finds no violation”.

This gang oughtta run Wall Street.

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  1. I remember the shoes.
    Some supporter gave breaks on shoes from his store to NCAA members.
    I can't remember if it cost anyone a scholarship but put the program under national scrutiny.
    Now I suppose there is so much money involved that this doesn't happen anymore.