Thursday, September 24, 2009

Chuck Todd Is An Idiot (2.0)

Back on the 26th of March I wrote a story for YourNews titled “Chuck Todd Is An Idiot”. He asked one of the most stupid questions in American political and journalism history at President Obama’s second news conference.

Todd, who like most network TV news actors is paid an obscene salary, asked the President why he was making the executives of the huge investment houses we’d bailed out sacrifice so much, and when was the President going to ask the American people to sacrifice?

It had apparently escaped Todd’s notice that by mid-March this year, hundreds of thousands of people had lost their jobs, and the retirement plans of the huge majority of the population of this nation went up in smoke with the economic meltdown caused by the greed of the investment houses. Enough sacrifice, Chuck?

A month or so ago Todd was a guest on Bill Maher’s popular political satire show on HBO, “Real Time”. An independent reporter who writes for several new media outlets exposed Todd’s complete lack of depth on the issue of Blackwater’s mercenary assassination squads in Iraq, and the failure of mainstream media to cover it in any way. Todd was really getting angry, and clearly losing the argument. Comedian Jay Leno, who was also on Maher’s panel that night, removed the tension from the moment by cracking a joke.

Todd’s latest gaffe was just a week ago, at a White House news conference about Swine Flu. In the middle of HHS Secretary Kathleen Sibelius’s presentation on government preparedness, Todd let out a lusty sneeze.

Sibelius stopped her talk, and chastised Todd in front of the entire White House press corps, for not covering up his sneeze in any way….just blasting the germs right out there for all the reporters to enjoy. One of the points of the news conference was to try and get the media to help spread the word to schoolchildren about learning to sneeze without spreading germs everywhere.

Tuesday I took my wife’s car to the dealer for an oil change and quick check-up. There were a handful of people in the customer waiting room, including a young mom and her 3 or 4 year old child. Something caused the child to sneeze (she didn’t look sick at all) and she quickly put her face into the crook of her arm and let fly - just the way health officials want you to do it.

I wasn’t a bit surprised that a young child is smarter than Chuck Todd.


  1. I agree: he's awful. He's not interested in the intricacies of, say, health care delivery. All he cares about how the health care debate will affect each party's chances in the next election. He's purely a horse-race reporter, not an issues reporter.

  2. >> just the way health officials want you to do it. <<

    I'm tempted to say, "That's a GOOD little compulsory matriculation drone!", but I won't. Yes, sneezing into one's sleeve is the standard practice. I do it, my daughter does it, etc. I have to wonder, though, why a national figure, Sibelius, feels the need to demonstrate on national TV. Since the chance for fatal outcomes of unprotected sex are so much greater than fatalities from sneezing on someone, I wonder if Ms. Sibelius will demonstrate the proper method for donning a condom.

    Even more snarkily, Rush Limbaugh opined that sneezing into one's sleeve used to be the sign of a hick. He mentioned the reason buttons were sewn onto military uniform sleeves in Napoleon's time: to prevent soldiers from wiping their noses on their sleeves.

    Might it not have been better, if Sibelius is going to justify her salary by showing us the proper way to sneeze, to demonstrate the proper use of a tissue or handkerchief?

    Steve Erbach
    Neenah, WI

  3. Yo, Steve! Good suggestions for tutorials, but it's been done to death. The redundancy is not worth the exec's time. Search YouTube on how to properly use a handkerchief or a condom and you'll have well over a thousand videos to choose from.

    Alas, Mr. Todd has reinforced an unfortunate stereotype. If you were going to look for some overpaid nitwit who didn't know how to control a sneeze in public, a lot of media critics might say the White House Press Corps would be a good place to begin your search.

  4. As an observer from Canada,It is obvious that
    Todd is not a fan of Obama.
    Why dos he not move to Fox News where he can
    openly give us his biased opinion.
    MSNBC would be better off without him.
    He is not qualified for WH correspondent.

  5. The people in the media are a bunch of booger eaters check this out.

    Observer from Canada: Chuck Todd is a huge fan of Obama and the fact he inquired to the president when is he going to ask the american people to sacrifice proves this because Obama is all about making people sacrifice stuff to suit his agenda.

    Anyway, Todd the idiot is in way over his head and its sad to see him looking like such a jackass day after day because I think under that arrogant socialist veneer he's really a nice guy. Politics aside, Savannah Guthrie runs intellectual circles around everybody at NBC news.