Friday, October 16, 2009

The Letter From Mr. Attanasio

There it was, big as life, in my e-mail in-box. A letter from the principal owner of the Milwaukee Brewers, Mark Attanasio. He took the time to write ME and give me the inside scoop on the team?

Me and about three million other people, who passed through the turnstiles at Miller Park this past season, and are “registered Brewers fans” like me. Attendance of three million puts the Brewers ninth-highest in Major League Baseball, and this season was the second in a row that the team broke the three million mark.

Mr. Attanasio informed me he did not take my support for granted, which I appreciated hearing. It’s no cheap date to take your wife - or your wife and family - to a Brewers game, and it was nice of Mr. Attanasio to recognize that and pledge that he’ll do what he can to hold the line on ticket prices and other costs.
He talked about some of the significant accomplishments of the team this year, and about the great season Prince Fielder, Ryan Braun, Yovani Gallardo, Casey McGehee, and Trevor Hoffman had.

But the best part of his letter was the statement that 80 wins this year is not acceptable performance, and that neither he nor the organization are content with that. I know, it should go without saying that not making the playoffs this year was not acceptable, especially after that great start to the season, and then the horrid collapse in mid-season. But I’m glad he officially acknowledged it.

Attanasio went on to talk about his commitment to develop homegrown talent (thank the Lord he didn’t mention the name “Ben Sheets” in his letter) and pledged to work diligently to improve their roster. Maybe he can go out and buy another pitcher like C C Sabathia for us!

His second-last paragraph talked about how the team gives back to the state. Adding up the cash and in-kind contributions from the team, the players and their wives, and the corporate sponsors, he says they did a million and a half dollars worth of good stuff for Wisconsin organizations in 2009.

And he closed with a paragraph about his passion for the franchise and the game, and his commitment to success for the Brewers. He promised to work hard.

How can you not like a guy like that!

Being married to a Cubs fan, I suppose you could say I’ve learned that hope springs eternal. I was not a happy camper in the second half of the season, but I can’t wait to hit Miller park next spring, smell those hot-dogs cookin’, grab a cold brewski, and wait for the P-A system to blare out “Hell’s Bells” and see Trevor put a cap on another Brewers victory!

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