Tuesday, November 24, 2009

She's Mad As Hell

Terri McCormick strolls into a bar, sits down, greets bartender Jim - and launches into a soft-pedal rant about career politicians and the insiders who run things in government. In case you haven’t seen the video, it’s easy to find on YouTube. She’s gearing up for another run.

As I was born and raised in the Fox Valley, I’m still moderately interested in the political wars up there. But the most interesting thing about McCormick’s video to me, is trying to figure out which bar she used to shoot the video.

I’ve patronized more than my fair share of drinking establishments in the Fox Valley, but don’t recognize the venue.

If you watch the video (part one - it’s mainly a big tease for part two) you’d never guess that McCormick is a magna cum Laude graduate of UW-Oshkosh, who also holds a Master’s Degree. If you ever heard any of her various rants while she was a member of our state legislature, you’d never believe she’s a highly educated woman.

Ya see, up dare in da Valley, dey talk difernt talk.

McCormick was elected in 2000 to represent part of the Fox Valley in the state legislature. The way the politicians have gerrymandered the state’s voting districts, she represented the largely rural part of the Valley west and north of Oshkosh, skirting around Appleton, Neenah, and Menasha, all the way up to Bear Creek.

She served three terms in the legislature, and left of her own accord. Big fan of term limits. Now, she’s got her sights set on the seat again. When she ran against that Pissant John Gard in 2006 for the U-S Congress seat in the Valley, to say she got creamed would be an understatement. My friend Barry Orton mentions this in his excellent post about McCormick on Paul Soglin’s blog.

Right now, Steve Kagen holds the 8th Congressional district. It’s ten thousand square miles starting in Appleton and running north and west through Green Bay all the way up to Vilas County. Big chunk of real estate, including Peshtigo, home of the Pissant (John Gard).

I’m no fan of Steve Kagen. I was a patient of his, spending tons of money in his Oshkosh allergy clinic for two and a half years back in the early 80‘s, paying for those bogus injections in an attempt to mitigate my horrid allergies. I got much better two weeks after I finally fired him, but he went on to make a fortune pedaling his snake-oil remedies - enough money to beat back the Pissant and take the Congressional seat.

And for a Democrat to win in the Fox Valley, it takes a pretty big checkbook.
But I’ll tell you this: I’d far, far, far rather have Steve Kagen representing my mom and three of my siblings in congress than that horrid Pissant Gard. Too bad he's "out of politics".

It’ll be worth the time just ta hear dem two arguin’ wit each udder, and dat ain’t just da Lienie’s talkin’!!!!


  1. Odd.

    No one else has mentioned that Gard is running again. Seven other (R) folks, but not Gard.

  2. Gard's out of politics. He know owns and operates Wisconsin Independent Business (WIB) and ExploreWisconsin.com

    For a blogger, one ought to know that.


  3. Right you are, guys. Stayed up too late, got up too early, just wishful thinkin', I guess. Lack of caffienation. Whatever.

  4. Tim just can't pass up any opportunity to use the "Pissant" label.

    BTW, McCormick's 2006 campaign manager, Mark Rahmlow,
    just posted an effusive announcement of what a great candidate Kaukauna roofer Reid Ribble would make: http://www.theinsidescoop.us/rahmlow112309.htm

    One of McCormick's problems is how many of her ex-staffers are out there pushing for someone (anyone) else.