Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome Twenty-Ten

Bring it on, 2010. With the New Year comes a new name for this time-waster; "The Way Things R" was OK, but "Rifles At Dawn" better characterizes my native snarkiness and impatience.

I'm already cranky, because of overindulgence in fine Cuvee and succulent prawns last night, and staying up well past the dawn of the new decade, and I'm already out of patience with the broadcast twits who insist on saying "Two Thousand Ten" instead of "Twenty-Ten". One local dolt goes an unnecessary step farther by calling it "Two Thousand AND Ten". Gee, I guess that means I was born back in "Nineteen Hundred And Forty-Nine".

Thanks to those of you who invest the time to read these rants, and my resolve is to pull even fewer punches in 2010. Best wishes to all.


  1. Maledizioni
    I have been to the graveyard to bury my curse tablets for the new year. The spirit I have chosen is strong, striking one well known victim impotent,deaf,drug-addled, and dancing to St.Vitus choir. The pain in his chest will never end as long as the curse goes undisturbed.

  2. RIFLES at dawn?

    Long-distance touchie-feelie...

  3. Not crazy about the new name.

  4. I'm going to avoid the whole "twenty ten" or "two thousand ten" thing and just call it MMX.