Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Highly Addictive; Extremely Dangerous! (Again...)

Our friends at the DNR want deer hunters to make sure they’re careful if they accidentally stumble across a marijuana growing operation when the season opens in a few weeks. You know, these sophisticated factory-like operations are all run by cut-throat Mexican drug cartels, and if you should just chance to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, it’s adios, amigo.

Or not.

This recent uptick in the drug hysteria surrounding the Wisconsin gun deer season is almost laughable. A few poachers stumbled into a big grow operation up in the Nicolet National Forest this summer and everybody from the Federales to the local constables are thumping their chests about the huge find. The DNR came out with a news escape a couple days ago warning hunters not to put themselves in danger by trying to “investigate” a marijuana growing site, should they come across one. The DNR even put out an 800 number for hunters to give confidential tips.

Good thing I’m not an active deer hunter any more. If I were lucky enough to stumble into one of these grow operations, you can be assured I’d “destroy the evidence.” And, hopefully, I’d have enough to keep destroying it for many moons.

Monday, the Federales seized 105 tons of marijuana in Tijuana. That’s got a nice rhyme to it…”marijuana in Tijuana”…Jimmy Buffett or Ted Nugent oughtta write a song. “I smoked marijuana, in Tee-ah-wana (I know, it’s pronounced with two syllables in Spanish, ‘tee-WHANA’), and now I don’t wanna, go home any more.” 105 tons is enough to make a small ripple in the supply chain, and inconvenience some of my southern California friends for a few days.

So, all you Bambi-slayers, be careful when you’re out there this fall. We used to worry about all those Flatlanders from Chicago coming up to “hunt” with their ‘sconnie pals, taking pot-shots at cows; now, we have to worry about our new role as narcs for the narcs.


  1. I dunno.

    Carrying a .30-06 or .270 or .308 would make me somewhat comfortable if I discovered a field.

    But OK. I'll carry a sidearm, too.

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