Friday, November 12, 2010

Ping Pong Politics

Memo to the Republicans just elected: We didn't hire you to undo everything done during the Doyle years. If you don't concentrate on creating jobs, we'll fire you, just like we did the Democrats on November 2nd. We don't want the smoking ban rolled back, stem cell research stopped, or anything done about the gun laws. Stop the train, as you promised, and get to work on creating jobs. Playing ping-pong politics - the Democrats passed it, so we'll repeal it, creates a cycle of partisanship the voters are utterly fed up with. Play the game at your own risk.

Memo to Scott Walker: You're not governor until January 3rd. Stop acting like you run the show, even though Jim Doyle is allowing you to. And for God's sake, take time to learn just a LITTLE bit about the stuff you want. (i.e., the Charter Street UW powerplant has already been converted to burn that damnable switchgrass. We don't want it "unconverted.")

Memo to Jim Doyle: There's lame duck, and then there's paralyzed duck. We're still paying you to be governor, not to retire early. Get your ass back to work.


  1. Our blogger's memos evoke Mary Elizabeth Lease, the fiery early 20th century Populist who is credited, perhaps a bit too generously, with having urged politically exploited farmers to "raise less corn and more hell."

    The ability to express the discontent of the people is, as we have lately seen, a powerful skill.

    The politicians laid the fire and fanned the flames. Now let's hold their feet to it.

  2. The Charter Street UW powerplant has already been converted to burn that damnable switchgrass

    I think Charter can run natgas, too.

    Beyond that, while the Legislature's concentration should be on bizfriendly stuff (regs, taxes, etc), there are a number of other items they can do which are quick-hit better gummint things.

    Among them: Voter ID. Concealed Carry. Mediation/Arbitration revisions/repeals.

    And the Budget.