Monday, August 29, 2011

The Lord God Shall Smite Us All

Although she keeps trying to distance herself from her recorded and well-documented comments, Michelle Bachmann  is eventually going to have to own this stuff, in some forum where she won’t be allowed to attempt to spin her way out of it.

She told Floridians Sunday that Hurricane Irene and last week’s earthquake were messages from God to politicians, to warn them to start heeding His Word (which, of course, by implication, is available through Bachmann).

After the St. Petersburg Times carried a report on Bachmann’s Tea Party rally there, and the story was then picked up by the Huffington Post, a Bachmann flack said the comments were made in jest.


This woman is as bat-shit crazy as Glenn Boeck, who said Hurricane Irene was a blessing from God, reminding us we’re not in control.

I’ve done way too much reading about Bachmann, on the chance that someone like her, whose views and beliefs are so far out of the American mainstream, could actually become President.  The more I read about Rick Perry, who has many views paralleling Bachmann’s, the more amazed I become.

These are the folks who believe evolution is a theory and that the earth is only a few thousand years old. In other words, when science and their religious beliefs conflict, the Bible is the arbiter.  These are the candidates who appeal to those folks who cling to their guns and Bibles in tough times, to paraphrase someone else.

We’re in deep do-do.

(Photo above Copyright CBS News.)


  1. Michele Bachmann says her comments about God sending a hurricane to warn us to stop spending were in jest. We should not be fooled by her disingenuous attempt to avoid responsibility for the canard.

    Ms. Bachmann and Gov. Perry are quite serious about what they are doing. They are adherents and active practitioners of the theological practice of "dominionism" -- which is the evangelical notion that Christians (as they define the term) have both a duty and a God-given right to control secular civil government, and to govern under the tenets of biblical law.

    "Dominionism" and "Christian Reconstructionism." Look the terms up for yourself. Find out a bit about "Seven Mountains Dominionism" (you choose the source) to learn a bit more about who funded Preacher Perry's Christians-only prayer rally.

    Make no mistake. These people are nothing less than the American Taliban.

    Side note: Perry responded to the cattle-killing Texas drought last April, not by curbing the oil and gas industry's practice of pumping already scarce fresh water into the ground to force out more oil, but by proclaiming a state day of prayer for rain.

    The deity, probably occupied with devising hurricanes to admonish Blue states, has yet to send Texas anything but clear skies, record high temperatures and dry lightning. Could a God who uses weather to bully people be sending the Lone Star State a message?

    It's odd that the deity would start dictating our financial policy with this recent storm. It's not as if He didn't have options to present when the budget was being discussed. The National Weather Service notes that Irene is the 10th U.S. weather disaster this year to have caused more than $1 billion in damage. That's a record for the history books. Never mind that most of the disasters were in Red states; 2011 isn't over yet.

  2. Comments in jest certainly produce SERIOUS reax, no?

    Look at the video of the 'earthquake/hurricane' comments before you go all nutso.

    As to "dominionism," it is a tiny, meaningless branch of some sort of Fundie sect. Few actually believe the theory, including Bachmann and Perry.

    But association to the 4th degree is sufficient, of course.