Monday, November 14, 2011

The University Where Children Are Raped

Getting through the coverage of Saturday’s Penn State – Nebraska game was difficult enough for a cynical old bastard like me, but Sunday morning brought a new wave of nausea.  Some dweeb on TV introduced a story about the game by saying “The healing has begun at Penn State.”

My rear end.  Not by a long shot.  This thing is just getting started.  The surface has barely been scratched.

First, there was the disconnect of ESPN’s “College GameDay” show, which prompted my friend John Roach to describe in a Facebook status update as “tone deaf”.  Not surprisingly, the premiere collegiate football show entirely missed (or deliberately avoided) the essential truth of what apparently happened at the Pennsylvania State University: young boys – God knows how many – were raped, in college athletic facilities, and grown men turned a blind eye and deaf ear.

The man who is accused of doing the raping, Jerry Sandusky, was “one of the boys” in the Penn State Athletic Department, which, along with apparently the highest level of officials at Penn State, conspired for years to cover these crimes.

Then there was the obscene spectacle, captured in the copyright photo above, taken by Gene Puskar of the Associated Press, of the Penn State and Nebraska players gathering and taking a knee at midfield to devoutly pray for the victims.  It was enough to make me puke.  “Everything’s OK now; we prayed to Touchdown Jesus, and everything is forgiven; now, let’s play some ball for Joe Pa!!!”

Then, the trifecta of media excess, the Sunday morning TV news programs, most similar in tone to the ABC report that stated “the healing has begun” at Penn State.

If you don’t believe my assertion that this thing is just getting started, ask the Roman Catholic Church what happens when you look the other way when young boys are sexually assaulted and there’s a conspiracy to cover it up.  The capo and his crew in Rome have spent the last decade selling off hard assets and bankrupting parishes to compensate the victims, and there is still no end in sight to the stream of victims and the flow of cash to compensate them.

This Penn State thing is not even comparable to the crap pulled by Ohio State or Miami.  It’s a completely different and infinitely more disgusting.  But, as in the cases of the Ohio State and Miami, the idiotically blind Penn State partisans are hoping that “football will help the healing process”, when football is the problem itself.

This is “too big to fail”, athletic version, and it’s just getting started.


  1. Usually, you're more of a news-guy than to write: The capo and his crew in Rome have spent the last decade selling off hard assets and bankrupting parishes to compensate the victims...

    1) "The capo" does not--and has not--[sold]..assets. US Dioceses who allowed homosexuals into the priesthood did--and will continue to do so for a while.

    2) Similarly, Rome has had nothing to do with "BK'g parishes." For openers, "parishes" have not been "bankrupted" due to the homosexual rapists. Dioceses have been.


    Your Editor.

  2. Ed: point(s) noted. Dioceses. Too much time spent living in Louisiana. (West Jefferson and Orleans Parish.)

  3. I guess Dad29 doesn't care about the girls who were raped by priests.

  4. Well, OK. Louisiana captivity is a good excuse.

    OJ: The vast majority of the problem was homosexual rape. But if it makes you feel better, go ahead with moronic accusations.

  5. Dad29, priests have far more unsupervised access to boys than girls, so it isn't surprising that the stats are skewed toward boys. Your statements implied that there were no heterosexual rapists in the Catholic priesthood, which is blatantly false. Also, you seem to subscribe to the (bullshit) Freeper view that equates pedophilia with homosexuality. Most acts of necrophilia are committed by heterosexual men. Does that mean we should bar straight men from cemeteries?

  6. You mean that YOU read into my combox statement the meaning you ascribe. Whatever.

    I do NOT equate pedophilia (nor ephebophila) with homosexuality. But 80++% of the rapes were man-on-boy (or teen) which means that 80% of the activity was homosexual.

    That's not "Freeper." That's from the official report.