Tuesday, August 21, 2012

We Just Have to Wait for Them to Die Off

I couldn't care less if Todd Akin runs, doesn't run, gets elected to the Senate, or doesn’t get elected.  He’s just one of the many dinosaurs and luddites that inhabit the political world.

I think he actually believes that horseshit he spewed about women’s bodies having some secret juju that rejects pregnancy as a result of “legitimate rape”.

If only more politicians would be called out on the stoopid crap they say.  Michelle Bachmann saying God told her to run.  That should have ended her political life long before the bullcrap about HPV immunization causing retardation.

So many of these dinosaurs insist on attempting to inflict their misguided religious values on other people.  Think life is sacred and there should be no abortion (or, as the arch-conservative meme now is, “until Roe v. Wade is properly decided”)?  Fine.  Don’t have an abortion.  Think abortion is murder?  Fine.  Don’t have an abortion.

Trying to run other people’s lives, lifestyles, morals, and values is big in the vein of flawed thinkers like Todd Akin, who in the next breath will say that gubbmint should stay out of our lives.

Why do these dinosaurs like Akin, Bachmann, Rick Perry, that Santorini person, and others of their ilk continue to present themselves for “public service”?  Because they see themselves, apparently, as missionaries and proselytizers. 

A crypto-conservative Texas talk show host of my acquaintance (Chris Krok) spewed some nonsense on his social media feed the other day about Jenny McCarthy being a horrible mother because she consorted with a man outside wedlock.  To fundamentalists like Krok, the admonition “judge not, that ye be not judged” doesn’t apply to them.

The time will not come in my lifetime, but eventually these dinosaurs will die off, and we can go back to the halcyon days when common thieves and hard drinkers ran Congress.


  1. Wow Chris Krok - now that is a name I haven't heard in a while. I used to listen to him flamethrow here in Madison and must admit the best parts of the show were when he was taken off the air and you had to fill the dead air.

  2. Those were the days, Dan. A couple of times, when I had to leave the newsroom and take over the show, the paper would report it.....

    1. Ah the paper, those were the days.

      I am glad I have insulated myself from all of these blowhards. The only radio I listen to is Bloomberg financial on the drive in and sometimes Charlie Rose on the way home. He seems to be one of the only people who can do an interview and/or discussion without all the shouting and seventh grade b.s. This isn't an indictment of any side of the political spectrum, more of an observation of that genre overall. But I am getting a bit off topic here so I will stop.

    2. I have to admit I do miss the nicknames though - double J Lo, Grandma, The Grand Varisser, (I think you came up with the last two) etc. and the way Krok would savage Terese Berceau made me laugh every time too, even though all of it was probably made up rage. Still didn't outweigh the nonsense.

      I really enjoyed the way that TDY would let you and Robin do the news in a free form style with personal comments and nicknames thrown in "the MEEEEEEEEEEDIA" - I still use that one. Alright I am done now.

  3. the admonition “judge not, that ye be not judged” doesn’t

    ....mean what you'd like us to think it means.

    That line refers to "judging" the state of another's soul--by saying, e.g. that "Lefty Press Dinosaurs are going to Hell."

    We don't know that they are going to Hell. THAT is the judgment we dare not make.

    However, one is free to judge the ACTIONS of another. If you contest that, you are placing a whole lot of public employees (that is, "judges") at risk of losing their jobs.

    Adultery is wrong, ya' know. If you don't believe it, ask your wife if she minds while you bop the cutie next door...

  4. Theology and interpretation of biblical phrases is/are not exactly my strong suit, Dad. I should avoid that stuff in my rants. I don't follow a lot of celeb news, but know from Krok that neither Ms. McCarthy nor the man she consorted with - out of wedlock - were at that time married. Krok's belief that sex is permissible only between a man and the woman he's married to is what drove his comment. McCarthy is free to bop whatever unmarried person she so choses - willing adults, and all that - inasamuchas she's not married. That's my morality. Krok thinks it's wrong for Ms. McCarthy to have sex because it sets a bad example for her children.

    It's that preachy, judgmental kind of bullshit that always bothered me about Krok and people like him. Sort of a charicature of the budybody dowager who appoints herself guardian of the village morals, and all that.

    It's OK to be batshit crazy (like Mrs. Bachmann) but as a Christian, Dad, are you not offended that she sets herself up as a Prophet - saying that God speaks to her? Do you suppose that when God told her to run for President, his voice sounded like Charlton Heston's?

    1. Eons ago, my grandfather used to say "watch out for those who sit in the front row at church and sing the loudest. They're often the biggest hypocrites". I think of that when these guardians of the public morals get caught boinking their secretaries or molesting little boys. Grandpa was born in the 1880's so I guess things haven't changed. BTW, he was at church every Sunday, but didn't sit up front.

  5. Thanks for the clarification on Ms McCarthy's actions.

    Now, then.

    We disagree about the morality of bopping-whoever while un-married, but that's life. There's a reason that such activity is wrong both for the individuals and society as a whole, but fifty words won't cover it adequately.

    In general, I think it is distasteful (or worse) for radiomouths to yammer about other people's morals. Exceptions exist, e.g., Presidents and other extremely high-profile public "servants"--but even then, one should be low-keyed.

    (We note that 'moral vilification' goes both ways: Charlie Sykes is regularly castigated for his....ahhhh....roaming. Undoubtedly the Lefties who do so are virgins, or are totally faithful to their spouses, eh? /sarcasm)

    I am also very leery of those who claim that 'God spake thus-and-such to me'....you'll note that the Roman Catholic Church has exactly the same position vis-a-vis those folks. See, e.g., the batshit nuts woman who claimed that she had 'visions' near Marshfield (??) in the mid-1950's, or the equally batshit-nuts gang who said the same in Slovakia a dozen years ago.

    So. We agree that most yammering about 'moral conduct' is inappropriate in 95++% of the cases, and that claims of "hearing God" are (almost always) from people with disorders.

    That said, there remain good reasons for moral strictures. Would that we all could follow them easily!