Monday, March 19, 2012

Advancing Backward

Single parenting is an indicator of child abuse.  Women must be counseled face-to-face by a doctor, who must ask them if they’ve been coerced into an abortion.  Public schools must teach that abstinence is the most reliable way to prevent pregnancy.

Well, I guess that last sentence is true, at least the last part of it.

Now that the dysfunctional state legislature has ended its session, the stuff in the first paragraph above is what it got done before it left.  Mining: FAIL.  Venture capital: FAIL.  Job creation: FAIL.  But by God, we’re going to make damned sure any woman who goes in for an abortion (“abortion on demand”, as the wackos say) is going to get counseled and questioned.

The party which was in power tells us it’s all about job creation and getting the government out of the way and out of our lives, has nothing to show for its efforts in the past session except things that get the government even more involved in our lives, and not just our “business” lives, but the extremely personal parts of our lives.

Right now, only the big fans of political news are paying any attention to what the state legislature accomplished in its just-completed session.  The Republican primary is still a couple weeks away, and gradually, over the next week or so, more people will start paying attention to what they’ll be told, countless times on television ads, what that wacko Santorini is up to, to whether Romney is still a liberal or if he’s truly become a conservative, and how Mr. Newt is going to roll back gas prices to $2.50 a gallon with some secret plan.

But after the primary the first week of April, things will start to pick up steam for the recall elections coming up.  That’s when the great masses in the middle will start paying attention.  And when they figure out the party of job-creators is really the party that’s not relevant, with its backward-looking social policies and failure to deliver more jobs….well, it ain’t gonna be pretty.


  1. Tim...I cannot believe-yes I can-the waste of time governing has become...the latest smokescreen, again getting into our personal lives both at the state and national level is do we get them to leave it alone...I agree, what happened to jobs, taxes and less government?...and, getting us out of useless wars that keep dragging our morality into lower and lower depths of our national psyche? All I want to do is continue to live out my life without the hassle of my government, enjoy my friendships and be with those that I love and not fearing that my government will destroy this vision!

  2. You could always print/pixel facts which refute Grothman's thesis, except that they do not exist.


    You could mention that the 'face-to-face' bill actually prevents telephone-prescriptions of powerful drugs, but you didn't bother with that. After all, MD's regularly prescribe potent drugs over the phone to people they've never met personally, right?


    As to your general statement that the majority of Wisconsin residents care not a whit for nature and nature's God......

    Good luck with that.