Monday, July 26, 2010

It's Tuesday - Is Tammy Still Living Here?

It was a very busy day for me last week Wednesday – had a lot of writing projects going, a couple telephone interviews lined up for news stories I’m working on, and I had to get our younger Collie, Sunny, to the groomer in Oregon for a 9 AM appointment. Time got away from me, and it got to be 8:50 before I knew it, so I had to hustle the dog into my huge gas-sucking foreign-made SUV and head a few miles south of El Rancho Morrissey down County HiWay MM.

I flipped on the radio and heard my friend Mitch Henck interviewing someone – I didn’t catch who it was – but this person was saying that Tammy Baldwin should not be on the ballot for re-election because she has her campaign office in Madison listed as her official address, which this person claimed was unlawful, and went on to say there’s no evidence that Tammy actually lives in the congressional district she represents and she should be tossed off the ballot.

What? What sort of misguided doofus would make such an assertion in the first place, much less on a radio station that’s listened to by thousands and thousands of people?

Some member of the Wisconsin Young Republicans or Campus Republicans or something of the sort. As I said, didn’t catch the name. Nice to know the older generation GOP’ers around here have passed on their skill in bringing up bogus issues to the younger generation. (I might mention they're not the only party which does this.)

Anybody who’s covered news around here during an election cycle knows damn well why Tammy lists her downtown campaign office as her “home address”. It’s because there are still enough Neanderthals left in Wisconsin’s 2nd Congressional District that when she first ran for national office, she was targeted and harassed by the anti-gay crowd.

Again, for those of you just joining us, Ms. Baldwin is our state’s first openly gay national politician.

As I passed the intersection with County HiWay B, a person identifying himself as being from the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board (which used to be the state Elections Board) called in and explained why Tammy is allowed, with full state approval, to list her downtown campaign office as her “home” address.

As usual, the FACTS didn’t deter the young political hack one bit. He did the old Potomac Shuffle, which we used to call “dismiss and redirect” in sales training, and launched right back into his rant about how there’s no evidence Baldwin actually lives here.

I don’t know who this young fellow is, but I have a feeling he has a real future in politics.


  1. So, did your pal Mitch have anything to say about it? Presumably, he knew what this kid was going to talk about and thought it had some merit to begin with, right? Or did he have him on just to lower the boom?

  2. No diff than the mindless "reduce taxes/tax only the rich" BS of the other morons.