Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Quick Note of Thanks

Thanks to David Douglas of WISC-TV for doing the story, and to my wife, for pushing the state Transportation Department to close the Rimrock Road on-ramp to the westbound beltline. The DOT finally caved in, and will close that ramp this afternoon until the construction work is farther along and the entrance ramp can be set up more safely. My daughter and I saw another wreck there, yesterday afternoon. Let's hope nobody is killed before they finally DO close the ramp.

(See also my rant last week "Somebody's Gonna Get Killed There".)

1 comment:

  1. Jeez! This setup was designed to fail!

    I'm wondering if there may actually be something to this business of citizen journalism - a corps populated by cranky bloggers and folks who are not shy about placing a phone call to make a good case for action.

    You'll never know what sort of damage or tragedy your involvement will have prevented. But then, that was the idea. Kudos to all.