Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Let's Talk About Something Else... Baseball! As we sit here in south central Wisconsin cursing the weather gods who dumped four or five inches of the heaviest, wettest snow imaginable on us Wednesday, what they used to call "heart attack snow", the boys of summer are in Arizona and Florida playing the game that’s still called America’s pass-time.

Baseball! Play Ball! Yer OUT!! Steeee-rike!!!! He’s SAFE He’s SAFE He’s SAFE!!!!!! (crack!) “Here’s a long fly ball to left field…..get up…get up…..get outta here…..GONE!

One of my Facebook pals and former colleagues, Rick Schuh, newsman extraordinaire at Appleton’s WHBY Radio, posted something on his page suggesting that the Brewers let new ace pitcher and Cy Young winner (that’s “Former” Cy Young winner for those of you who speak sportstalk) do his rehabbing in the friendly confines of Fox Cities Stadium…..conveniently located just a few miles from Rick’s radio studio….as a member of the Timber Rattlers.

I like it.

For those who don’t follow the sport closely, the Brewers did a mega-deal a few months ago bringing this young fireballing ace pitcher, Zack Greinke, into the fold. It immediately changed the complexion of the National League Central Division. Damn, the Brewers now have a PITCHING ROTATION!!!!

Then, a few days ago in a pickup basketball game, young Greinke dove for a rebound and wound up flat on his side – one rib busted, one rib bruised. (Ask my wife about how painful a broken rib is the next time you see her.) Greinke will be laid up at least a month, if not more. He was supposed to pitch the Brewers season opener in Cincinnati, on Thursday March 31st, but now….not so much.

Greinke admitted he was warned about playing these pickup hoops games, and sheepishly admitted that such activities have now come to an end, once and for all, broken rib notwithstanding.

I think it would be a GREAT thing to have him re-hab with the Timber Rattlers! I doubt that it will happen, but hey, I’m a Hortonville boy…I’m always up for a road-trip to Appleton!!!

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