Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Keep Your Morality To Yourself

I’m very tired of being told by politicians, TV networks, and busybodies in general, how I should live my life, and how I should feel about others. No, this is not a libertarian rant about getting gubmint outta my life. It’s just a general rant based on the old golden rule, the one about treating people as you’d like to be treated.

This weekend NBC told me how to feel about the Pledge of Allegiance, when they cut out – not once, but twice – the words “under God” from the pledge during some piece they ran during the big golf event Sunday. They heard about it in a hurry, and of course immediately lied to try and cover it up, saying it was inadvertent and unintentional (both times?); but Brian Williams outed the network on Nightly News Monday evening, admitting it was deliberate, and a lapse in judgment by the network.

I’ll make my own judgment about the Pledge; I don’t need NBC to do it for me.

A lot of people…politicians and preachers…keep trying to tell me how I should feel about gay people, and whether they should be “allowed” to form domestic unions. Yesterday, another one of those damnable liberal left-wing Dane County judges told the state legislature how HE felt about it, and he wasn’t too happy with the politicians, and that it was OK for domestic unions to stand in Wisconsin.
Tough day for that Appling woman and her partner. Like old Freddy Phelps, she wants me to hate gay people. Thing is, it’s not gay marriage. That’s what the judge said. But that’s the way the haters always frame it. Gotta keep marriage “safe” for the heteros. (Insert your favorite example here – Arnold, Newt, Brittney, whomever.)

The politicians in the majority party in Wisconsin want to make it impossible to get an abortion here, so they wrote something into the budget bill that says UW Health can’t use “state funds” to teach abortion to medical students. Problem is, UW Health doesn’t receive any “state funds.” That little fact notwithstanding, the pols want to make it impossible for the med students at UW to learn how to do abortions - which are NOT done at UW Hospital, so the young docs are sent over to Planned Parenthood to learn it – OH NO, PLANNED PARENTHOOD!!!!! – and, well, I guess you see behind the curtain now.

Some dweeb who wants to be President says we need to do away with Amtrak because it doesn’t make a profit. Hmmmm….I guess that means we’ll also have to do away with THE ARMED FORCES, because they don’t show a profit. Why is it so many people can’t seem to understand there are so many things critical to our way of life (education, policing, firefighting) which were never intended to “show a profit” and that “government” is not the same as “business”? How’d that work out when we “semi-privatized” the Post Office?

OK, done rambling, done with this unfocused rant. I just had to get this stuff off my chest.


  1. They also cut out "indivisible," which is appropriate for the current state of this country.

  2. So happens that the Dane-i-stan judge was correct in the ruling about gay unions--IMHO.

    Having said that, wanna bet that the 'gay' community will STILL try to re-order nature with some run at 'marriage'? Because they will. And in so doing, they will be imposing their morality on the rest of us.

    Granted, you were in 'rant,' not analysis-mode. However, perhaps the reason that the P.O. and the choochoos are losing money is because they SPEND TOO MUCH. (Hint: "featherbedding" originated in the RR biz.)

  3. The best thing about your "rants," Tim, is that you are not libertarian .. or right-wing..or left-wing. You're just intelligent and usually correct!

  4. Dad29, you're mistaken about the marriage equality folks "imposing their morality" on the rest of us. As Jon Stewart explained during the Prop 8 controversy, you don't have to marry gay if you don't want to.