Thursday, February 23, 2012

Disappointed, but not Surprised

Russ Feingold.  Now a big-shot with the Obama reelection campaign.  Super-PAC money galore.  Of course, when it’s YOUR Super-PAC, it’s good; when it’s the other candidate’s Super-PAC it’s “anonymous special-interest money”.  Dammit, Russ – run for Governor.  You and Tommy would make for the most interesting election in state history, and to be honest, no matter which of you two is elected, the people of the state win.

Pat Richter.  Didn’t do what he said he was going to do, and put a note of reprimand into John Chadima’s file back in the late 90’s when a drunken Chadima asked a star UW football player to drive him home, and the kid got picked up for DUI.  The slime that keeps oozing from the Chadima saga is enough to make you puke.  Man, that jock club over there at the big college on the lake is one closed society.  Everybody’s got everybody else’s back.  Unless it’s a little guy.

The UW School for Workers.  They caved to pressure from that pissant Steve Nass and his blowhard mouthpiece Mike Mikalsen, and cancelled an art show scheduled next month which would have featured the art and creativity of the poster-makers, singers, songwriters, videographers and others who used their talents at the Capital uprising last year.  Never mind that a lot of this stuff was used recently in an exhibition put on by the Smithsonian; pecker-head Nass doesn’t like it and threatened the school’s funding if they went ahead with the show.

Rick Santorini.  Yah, I know that’s not his name, but that’s what I call him, because that’s what Tony Soprano called him.  You want to make the election about evil, birth control, abortion, and religion?  Really?  Really?  That’s what you got – Obama is a muslim and birth control is evil?  Nice platform, loser.

Winter.  This is it?  This is what you got?  Not a single snowfall of six inches or more this “winter”? Last December I dropped eleven-hundred bucks to buy a snorting beast of a snowthrower, which was used twice last year and not once so far this winter.  I’ve only used my little two-cycle one-stage snowthrower a couple times this year.  The minute I wrote the check for that snorting beast, winter packed up and left town. 

By the way, the photo of the cat, above, is one of the many intriguing images you get when you Google-image "disappointed".  I just thought it was cool.


  1. Tim-


    1. Russ Feingold's PAC, Citizens United, is NOT a Super-PAC. Citizens United does not accept unlimited anonymous or corporate money, it's a regular, transparent PAC. Obama is the one who reversed himself and has a super-PAC.

    2. Tommy T is running for Senate, not Governor, so even if Feingold ran for Governor,which he won't, they wouldn't run against each other.

    3. The School for Workers cave was clearly a call from the Extension Chancellor, who is frying bigger fish (BadgerNet, etc) and has Nass to finesse on big-bore budget stuff.

    4. Tony Soprano called him "Senator Sanitorium," not "Santorini."

    5. Winter does not revolve around your snow-blower decision, and the Packers don't lose because you washed your lucky socks.

    On target:

    * "pissant Steve Nass and his blowhard mouthpiece Mike Mikalsen"

    * "The slime that keeps oozing from the Chadima saga is enough to make you puke."

    Barry (NOT the Alvarez)

    1. Barry: stop correcting me with facts. I hate facts. A PAC is a PAC. They're all bad and wrong, super or not. I want Tommy to run for Governor against Russ. A cave is a cave. Whoever caved to that stupid ass from the Whitewater area should have stood his ground, made a huge public noise, and waited for the people of Wisconsin, an infinitessimal percentage of whom support censorship, and buried that stupid f**cker Nass. Santorium, Santorini - whatever. I like Santorini better. My snowblower purchase is a perfect example of the logic fallacy "post hoc, ergo propter hoc". I'm sticking with it.

  2. Russ Feingold is a cautionary tale of what happens when a candidate unilaterally disarms in this age of big-money campaigns. The days when Bill Proxmire could simply file papers and get everyone to vote for him are over (although Doug LaFollette seems not to realize it).

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