Friday, February 24, 2012

Ryan Braun: We'll Never Know

Nothing is secret any more.  People who are supposed to keep their mouth shut don’t.  Confidential, even secret stuff, is leaked all the time now.

ESPN did what it does: report sports news.

Associated Press (which holds the copyright to the photo above) did what all too many once-trusted news organizations are doing today: made a horrid mistake in first reporting Braun was suspended, and then blaming their mistake on a “typo”.

Braun did what all ballplayers who test positive do:  deny, deny, deny.

And while the word “herpes” is not to be found in any FACTUAL reporting of the Braun story, a lot of people think some medication Braun was taking for herpes is what caused the unusual spike in his PED test.

Far too many of my acquaintances used the word “innocent” in Tweeting or Status Updating about the Braun story yesterday, and too many of those acquaintances should know damn well that “not guilty” does NOT mean “innocent”.

Braun got off on a technicality, and that happens.  It happens in courts of law, it happens in life.

We’ll never know.

That said, Go Brewers.

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