Friday, May 11, 2012

The Insanity of Politics

So, Mitt Romney pushed down some boy and cut some of his hair off.  And this happened 47 years ago.  And this “proves” that he’s a bully?

I don’t know what it’s going to take to change this cycle of charge and response regarding ludicrous minutiae, but this latest “gotcha” about Romney is ample evidence, as if more were needed, that our political system is doomed unless it changes radically.  Radical, as in “from the roots”.

To me, it is absurd that this item is even carried by “mainstream media”; that it is constantly repeated and expanded upon; that it persists (lead story on at least two national TV news shows this morning); that anyone even CARES about this; and that some of the less intellectually endowed among us seem to think this “proves” that Romney is a bully.

It wasn’t that long ago that dreck like this was fodder only for the tabloids.  But, as has been demonstrated time and again, TV news isn’t news; it’s entertainment.

I don’t give two hoots in hell for Mitch Romney (around the house, I call him “Mike Rummy” to my wife) and have, as a parent, learned first-hand that bullying is not to be trivialized.  I’ll say this for Romney’s handlers: they have learned that the only way to deal with this crap is to acknowledge it without admitting to it (“I don’t remember the incident”), apologize, and then move on.

There will be the pundits who will say Romney’s apology was not sincere (Rachel Maddow and CNBC); the left will act as though this is the most offensive act ever perpetrated by one human being on another, and will theorize that this schoolyard scuffle set the pattern for a man who loves to fire (bully) people.  I’m waiting for somebody in Wisconsin to find someone to come forward and say Scott Walker bullied him in school, setting the pattern for Walker’s bullying of the public employee unions.

It’s been a great week in politics.  A man who’s now on his fourth wife, preaching to his national radio audience about the sanctity of marriage; the voters of the Badger state disrespecting women by electing a man to run against Walker (“it was Kathleen’s turn; she deserved to win”); and another GOTCHA moment regarding a candidate for national office.

Next thing you know, they’ll be telling us our city council members are TEXTING each other during those marathon council meetings, and we’ll have to get all riled up about “secret closed meetings” and whether those texts are different from a couple council members talking quietly to each other in the hallway outside the council meeting.

We are fiddling insanely while Rome burns.


  1. Except that this incident and the non-apology (kind of laughing when he said it) go to the heart of character. How is going to govern all of the people when he clearly has disdain and hostility to many of the population. The man doesn't have the character to be President in addition to his many other flaws.

    1. ....which is why I indicate clearly in this post that I don't give two hoots in hell about Mike Rummy.

    2. Actually, I've heard less about Milt Rombly's alledged high school bullying than I have about Bristol Palin's views on gay marriage. She's not running for anything so why does that get so much coverage? Is it because she was on Dancing with the Stars?

  2. We are fiddling insanely while Rome burns

    As I recall, it was Nero who was fiddlin'.

    The current-day "leader" has partaayyed in the fund-raising style at a rate around 300% of the last President, has played more golf than Arnold Palmer, and (according to the White House schedule) is in the office about 3 hours/day.

    But he does NOT "fiddle."

  3. An anonymous commenter here observed "that this incident and the non-apology (kind of laughing when he said it) go to the heart of character."

    I agree. Character matters. We are the aggregate of what we do. It's an old-fashioned attitude, but maybe that's just me. Your mileage may vary.

    Mitt Rmoney has been a bully and a predator all of his life. The defenseless have always been his targets.

    His premeditated prep school attack (in the company of a band of toughs he organized for the occasion) on a younger classmate -- a powerless outsider -- was a signal act of cowardice and moral turpitude. But it was hardly the only one Willard the governor's jerk son has displayed.

    He has shown, time and again, that he has no compunction about, say, buying a company and forcing it to load up with debt, paying himself with the borrowed money, and then standing back while that company goes broke, wiping out the livelihoods of its employees in the process.

    He has been almost gleeful about it, once exclaiming that "I like firing people!"

    In serial depredations, callous exercises in greed conducted under the camouflage of free enterprise, this vulture treated those loyal, trusting folks no better than he did his dog - or his fellow candidates. Or his fellow bankers for that matter. How many of them were left holding the bag when he grew wealthy by gaming the bankruptcy laws?

    If Mittens has a moral compass, it does not track true. He backs, he fills, he dissembles, he lies ... The list of his sociopathic acts is long and his behavior disturbingly vicious. But all of that is beside the point.

    What we really should keep in mind is that we can choose him, or not. We get the government we deserve.

    That adage, of course, goes beyond the current GOP candidate for president, but since we're on the subject, I'll stay with it for one more sentence: If the Waffle Man's America is what we want, then have it we shall.