Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Please, Mr. Barrett, Don't Take My Guns Away!!

In a matter of days, I’ll be able to watch a Brewers telecast without having to endure the abominable and abysmally stupid anti-Barrett ad being run, seemingly every half-inning, by the National Rifle Association.

 Tom Barrett has never said nor implied that when elected he’ll try to take away everyone’s guns, but by God the NRA must have inside information that this is one of Barrett’s secret agenda items, just like Scotty’s secret (until elected) plan to demonize public workers.

If there’s anything that works better to rile up those Teapublicans than a hefty dose of fear that a politician is going to take their guns away, I don’t know what it is.  About the only lobby that holds more political power in Wisconsin than the gun people is the bar owners association.  Here in ‘sconsin, we hold dear the right to drive while drunk and carry our guns around with us everywhere.

Don’t paint me as one of those anti-gun nuts.  I own firearms and was trained in the craft of using them by a highly-decorated combat veteran of WW2, my dad.

But the NRA can plant a nice, wet one right square in the middle of my fat behind.  I’ll never belong to the NRA or support it in any way, because of the crap they pull – like the stoopid ad with the hunter’s disappearing gun (I’m not sure if it’s a shotgun or a rifle, and I know the difference) that runs every ten minutes on the Brewers telecasts.  That kind of ad using that kind of tactic disgusts me.

Next thing you know, some Super-Duper PAC will be running ads telling me about Barrett’s secret plan to bring European-style Socialism to the Cheesehead state, and his secret plan to jack up taxes on the job-creators.  Or that he was really born in some foreign country and isn’t a U.S. citizen.  Or that as a boy, he consorted with Bill Ayers.   Or that there are several months of his life that can’t be accounted for, except that customs shows him entering Afghanistan and rumors have him spending time at a terrorist training camp.

Or, worse yet, that he’s a closet Bears or Vikings fan.