Thursday, January 24, 2013

Our Best Friends and Constant Companions

Anyone who has ever loved a dog...and has had to say a final farewell...will love this beautiful piece from my friend Sarah Maraniss Vander Schaff.  

Our two canine "children" in the photo above - Shadow, the older Collie, who looks like Lassie and turned 6 a few months ago, and our little girl, Sunny, who is 3 - are wonderful companions and guardians.  Both have very sweet temperament and love every person they've ever met.

Some day, "that day" will come.  It's part of our obligation as pet-owners.  It's never easy.  But as Sarah's touching post points out, our lives are richer for having had our canine friends, and saying good-bye is never easy.


  1. Thanks for posting the link. I am feeling that today is my day of remembrance for Gilbert. Nice to share his life with others. And reassuring to be reminded that it is our obligation to help them in the end. It makes it feel that it is part if our commitment not the severing of it.
    Many more years if happiness with your own canine companions.
    - Sarah

  2. My sis had a Sheltie named Lyssa. She was a sweetheart, and smart as a whip. She was also twice the normal size of a sheltie. I miss her. Now, her 14 year old Golden is slowly fading. Another pup I'll miss..