Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Voter Fraud in Wisconsin (Pure Manure)

Finally, somebody has asked the hard questions about voter fraud to the right-wing lawmakers who continue to whine about all the fraud taking place in Wisconsin elections, and, predictably, the sponsors of such legislation can offer absolutely no evidence of any voter fraud anywhere in the state at any time.

I’ve beaten this mule before, more than once.  It’s a topic I keep thinking will finally die, but just as it disappears from the radar, it pops up again – and again.  Just this week an otherwise apparently sane person of my acquaintance said Barack Obama was re-elected only – ONLY – because of massive voter fraud.

The outfit that pinned the tail on the donkey of voter fraud was not a “journalistic” organization, but, a hard-core lefty outfit called “One Wisconsin Now”.  All its leader, Scot Ross, did, was what any “journalistic” organization might have done months ago: Ross simply went to four key legislators who’ve pushed the hardest for Voter ID in Wisconsin, and said “show me your evidence”.

Nothing.  Nada. Zip. Zero.

Not one piece of evidence – much less “proof” – was advanced by Senator Joe Leibham, Senator Alberta Darling, Senator Glenn Grothman (who actually admitted they have absolutely no evidence to back up the public allegations they’ve made about massive voter fraud in the state), and Representative Robin Vos, who didn’t even bother to respond to Ross.

At least the others did him the courtesy of saying “we got nuthin’.”

The Voter ID law the Republicans got passed last year was immediately slapped down as unconstitutional.  It threatened to do irreparable harm to the rights of 300,000 Wisconsin voters.  Now, the legislature doesn’t need to have evidence of anything to pass any damn law it sees fit.  The Voter ID law was a textbook example of a “solution in search of a problem”.

Yet all one need do to hear allegations of massive voter fraud in Wisconsin is to tune in Miss Vicky in the afternoon in Madison (when she’s not busy warning us that Barack Obama’s Secret Muslim Army is going to come to our homes at night, take all our guns, force us to marry gay people and have abortions, and other important topics), or Charlie in the morning in Milwaukee, or Jerry in the morning in Green Bay, yada yada yada. 

I know a bit about voter fraud and election fraud.  As President of my graduating class at Hortonville High School, I presided over the referendum to decide what the Senior Class Gift should be: a whirlpool for the athletic department, or a sign-board for the front of the high school.  The whirlpool won, with 108 votes.  There were 88 members of my graduating class.  It was fair to say that a few of my fellow Polar Bears stuffed the ballot box.

You’d think that an admission to the hard-core lefties from the lunatic fringe right that they have NO evidence of voter fraud would bring an end to the constant yammering about it.

Apparently, voter fraud is like the Loch Ness monster.  No one has ever actually seen it, but by God, it just MUST be there.

Everybody says so.


  1. Great post. In a way, the games to disenfranchise are a form of fraud, too, but no one doing it would see it that way...

  2. No fraudster worth a s(*& would leave evidence of the fraud in plain sight.

    But you expect it to be there?

    The 'un-Constitutional' decision will be overturned, just as was the inane decision on Act 10. Valid and current identification will be required.

  3. Fraud, if it's going to be committed on a grand-enough scale to sway a statewide or national election, is not going to be committed exclusively by a cadre of thousands of secret agents working stealth and willing to go to their deaths to keep from being found out.

    If liberal Democrats are as dumb as depicted by conservatives, surely they're not smart enough to organize something like that to take control of the government. A smarter play would be, oh, I dunno, to bend the levers of power in their direction permanently by demagoguing the issue and then taking advantage of their legislative majority.

  4. Oh, the way, Alger Hiss was a Commie.

  5. "No fraudster worth a s(*& would leave evidence of the fraud in plain sight"

    Keep in mind we're not talking about just one fraudster. Over 200,000 illegal votes would have had to been cast if the claim "Obama won WI only because of election fraud" was true.

    What is really interesting is that the GOP controls the state of WI. If there is such a massive amount of fraud, why isn't Van Hollen doing anything about it?

    Either there isn't any such fraud, or the GOP is covering up for the Dems.

  6. All I'll say is this. If someone is willing to lie on a recall petition, or a voter registration card, why is it a stretch to think there is fraud in the vote, massive or not? If there is, even a small amount, should it be tolerated? Then, what Law do we next tolerate violations of? Just asking, mind.

    As to voter ID, I have a 2nd Amendment right, and I have to show ID when making a purchase, and go through a background check. For my Utah non-resident CC, I submitted fingerprints, and they did an FBI check. Is the right to vote any less important? I don't mind proving who I am to buy a weapon, and to get the proper licence to carry. I also have no issue proving that I am a legal resident to vote. I must be evil, right?

    1. No one on this blog said or even implied that you're evil, Billiam. What I'm saying, clearly and manifestly supported by the facts in evidence (of which there is now no dispute)is that the main proponents of Voter ID are lying about the incidence of voter fraud - of which they admittedly have NO evidence whatsoever. You, apparently, from what you've written above, are of the "if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear" school. That didn't work out so well for my mother's forebears in Europe in the 1920's, 30's, and early 40's......

  7. No Tim. I was required, by law, to prove who I am to exercise a RIGHT. I asked why not for the vote. I said nothing about nothing to hide nothing to fear. I had no problem doing so because I had no alternative, short of breaking the law. I try not to do that.

  8. There's a mountain of Supreme Court case law that finds an unequivocal, unambiguous right to vote with absolutely no tests or conditions on eligibility. There are no Supreme Court opinions that even remotely suggest that the right to bear arms be afforded the same protections. That's a really stupid analogy.

  9. Ross is a political liar who spent taxpayer money to fight his own legal bills. I don't buy anything that guy says...

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