Wednesday, February 27, 2013

So DO Something About It!!

I get so many spam e-mail blasts from so many politicians of every stripe that I usually delete them without even a cursory glance, but I stopped and looked at one I got this morning from my new Congressman, Mark Pocan.  The subject line was “Tornado Warning”.

OK, it caught my attention.  But as I glanced through the text of the e-mail, it suddenly became obvious – annoyingly so – that this was just another spam blast begging for more money.

The “hook” with the subject line was Mark’s assertion that “a budget tornado is set to hit Wisconsin this Friday if Congress doesn’t act”.  Then there was a short paragraph with a recitation of all the horrible things that MIGHT happen with the so-called sequester, and the concluding sentence, in bold black, “Wisconsin alone stands to lose 36,000 jobs”.

Three short sentences later, the REAL subject of the e-mail was revealed: “Please stand with me and help me stand up for Wisconsin jobs”….yadda yadda yadda….click here to send me money.

Then there was still another link for cheapskates who only want to send in five bucks.

I like Mark.  I’ve known him for a long time, since his first campaign for state assembly. I think he will do a fine job in “Tammy’s seat” in the house.

But now, apparently he’s just fallen right into step with the rest of the Washington politicians, using some trumped-up outrage/tragedy/crisis to ask for campaign money.  The so-called sequester might be bad for Wisconsin; it might not cause much more than a shoulder-shrug for the vast majority of ‘sconnies; but what it’s NOT is an opportunity for politicians to beg for more money.  They’re the ones who created this mess in the first place!

Do something tangible about it, Mark.

After you’ve accomplished something, tell me about it, and THEN ask me for money.

But first DO something.


  1. Great piece!....True for both sides of the aisle...could not say it better...DO SOMETHING!

    1. Thanks, Gary. We don't agree on everything, but there's an awful lot we
      DO agree on!

  2. I always wonder how they come up with those fantastic numbers. Per the last census, the Wisconsin labor force totals 2,872,104. Am I really supposed to believe that the sequester would cost 1.25343% of all of the workers in Wisconsin their jobs?

    I am about as worried about the sequester as I was about the Mayan apocalypse - which is to say, not.

    Anyways, good writeup, Tim.

    1. Thanks, Dan. Interesting analysis when you look at the hard numbers, like you did.

  3. Thanks for this post Tim. I see the Progressive Caucus asked its members to sign a letter pledging to vote against any cuts to Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid. As a caucus member, Mr.Pocan declined to sign, possibly because not enough of us sent him money. But I disagree with the thought of Pocan or Baldwin being effective. Baldwin had no legislative accomplishments that I know of and no committee chairs in 18 years. Pocan has alway been a bomb thrower first, and master of the grand gesture second. One may disagree totally with Paul Ryan, but at least he has gained a position of power and is positioned to try to get his agenda put in place, as crazy as it is. In my opinion, the Madison area now has the weakest federal representation of any metro area....Pocan the House and in the Senate, the Nothing Twins, Know and Do.

  4. Anyone who thinks we don't need to do something about SS, Medicare, and Medicaid is delusional.

    But the Progressive Caucus is somewhat like the NRA when you start talking about "control" or "reform". The won't have it.

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  6. In my opinion, the Madison area now has the weakest federal representation of any metro area

    Heh. It's a Koch Brothers Plot!

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