Wednesday, December 23, 2009

And Again: Highly Addictive, Extremely Dangerous

I suppose if a law enforcement officer isn’t paranoid to begin with, a tinge of it eventually comes with the turf. They’re lied to constantly and incessantly. Cops have to develop tremendous “truth radar” if they’re going to survive on the street.

But Captain Charles Wood, a Waukesha County narc who’s also VP of the Wisconsin Narcotics Officers Association, takes it to a new extreme. He’s convinced the Jacki Rickert Medical Marijuana Act, which is winding its way through the legislature, is a foot in the door to fully legalized marijuana.

Well, let’s hope so!

Wood really let fly with a recent letter to the editor of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, where he calls the Rickert Act a front for the machinations of those wacky dope-smokers at NORML, the National Organization For The Reform Of Marijuana Law. Wood claims our well-intentioned legislators are being duped by the hard-core weed smokers.

About the only sensible thing Wood says in his screed to the editor is “Polls show Wisconsinites are behind medical marijuana. I suggest dropping the word medical and ask our citizenry if we want marijuana”.

Be careful what you wish for, Captain Wood.

He also advances the predictable smoke-screen that if we change our laws in Wisconsin to allow use of medical marijuana, we’ll be “contrary to federal law”.
Heaven forbid!

That’s what you’ve got, Captain Wood? “Contrary to federal law” and the usual fear tactics about marijuana? That’s IT?

You see, Captain Wood, here in America, we make our own laws. They don’t come down from God, Moses, Jesus, or anybody else, on smoking tablets. If we don’t like our laws, we change them. If enough people break the law (like “the great experiment’, prohibition) we just stop enforcing the law, or we dump it.

So, again, be very careful about what you ask for, Captain Wood. I have a sneaking suspicion that if legalizing marijuana ever DID come under serious consideration in this state - or any other - it would pass. If the good, hard-working, taxpaying, God-fearing people of Wisconsin were to be fully and fairly apprised of the actual cost of enforcing the present law, I’m pretty sure I know which way they’d vote.

And, perhaps once and for all, that foolishness about marijuana being a highly addictive and extremely dangerous gateway drug that almost always leads to heroin addiction and death, would finally be put to rest.


  1. Extremely dangerous, yes. Gateway? Maybe not.

    Frankly, I don't like driving at 70+MPH next to a dope-addled FIB any more than next to a booze-addled FIB...

  2. "we make our own laws...They don't come down...on smoking tablets"
    Smoking tablets? Ummm...

  3. Yup, that was deliberate, Anonymous.

  4. Law by the pound.
    We are a consumer society.
    Capitan Wood caters to the Middle Mind of America.
    He is a huckster.

    Just remember, The North Pole ain't where it used to be.

  5. If Captain Charles Wood considers himself a drug warrior, he needs to discipline himself, for he is well out of bounds. He is a soldier, not a policy maker. He is sworn to uphold the law, not make it. If he wants to make law and public policy, and speak his mind on issues, fine. But he cannot do it as Captain Charles Wood.