Friday, December 4, 2009

Miss Vicki, The Katherine, and Coincidence

How wondrous our local media in this season of joy. Thursday afternoon, Miss Vicki (as the BlaskaBlog calls her) held forth on WIBA-AM, shreiking at Sheriff Mahoney for not "supporting his deputies" during the big contract dispute.

Of course, Sheriff Mahoney, as an elected official, is forbidden to electioneer or advocate as regards the deputy's union, which earlier in his law enforcement career he led.

But subtleties like FACTS are often the bane of talk shows.

Then, at 6, on News 3, it was obvious that Andy Choi drew the short straw in the newsroom, and he had to go out and stand in the snow in front of the Beltline, to prove that it was indeed snowing and that the first snow of the year again wrought havoc upon the communters.

My wife used to be forced to do this inane story. I feel your pain, Andy.

Then, a bit later in cast, they did a story about The Katherine bemoaning the county's horrid financial money...toughest budget since the great depression and all that...acknowledging that as many as 20 of the county deputies could be laid off.

The very next story - The Katherine, all smiles, at a news conference announcing that in her largesse she was granting my long-time pal Barry Levinson TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND of the county's dollars, as a loan, to help him improve his famous Mustard Museum. Barry just moved it from Mount Horeb to Middleton.

Am I the only one who sees the irony here, or, is it just "coincidence" the stories ran back-to-back?


  1. Ha! I will be the first to jump in with a very punny Can't-cut-the-mustard joke. Umm ... no punch line, really, but I'm first!

  2. Yeah, I noticed the irony too. Since I live in a rural area, I'd rather keep a couple more deputies on staff with that money. I don't care about that stupid overblown mustard museum, mo matter what the fawning local TV reporters say about it.