Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Deeply Divided

Stand by for a recount.

And stand by for more evidence of a state deeply divided about what's going on now, and what's going to happen in the next few years.

Say what you want about either Prosser or Kloppenburg, a race this tight means there's a huge divide about what kind of a Supreme Court we want; whether or not there are collective bargaining rights for state and municipal employees; and whether or not we're on the right path as a state.

At least we've got Hizzoner to once again help Madison navigate the minefield ahead, regardless of the outcome of the Supreme Court race.

Kudos, Paul Soglin. Back to the future.


  1. 1) Did Public Employee Unions lose 'collective bargaining' somewhere along the line here? If so, perhaps one could point out the language which de-certs all P E Unions.

    2) We're waiting for Sen. Miller and the AFSCME/SEIU combine to issue their Increased Tax Demands. That will certainly resolve the budget problem.

  2. Joanne Kloppenburg was the better candidate. David Prosser chose to exhibit himself as a political crony, a bully and a troll.
    To view this only as an assault against Scott Walker, diminishes Kloppenburg’s most excellent altruism, her dismissal of irrelevant sidebar attacks, and judicial bearing, while under attack from by yapping ‘tools’* of the Walker agenda. Kloppenburg is pure gold; Prosser has discovered that he is indeed the turd. Scott Walker is a demigod. He will view Prosser as irrelevant collateral damage. Walker can stand by himself as an abhorrent gnome. Walker has warned us he has many ‘tools’ and They will attack – using the same tactics of denial, obfuscation and appeals to self-interest, and vanity – We elected an excellent jurist. Perhaps we showed our Arse to the enemy. We did not win the war.

    *One who lacks the mental capacity to know he is being used. A fool. A cretin. Characterized by low intelligence and/or self-steem.

  3. Joanne Kloppenburg was the better candidate.

    Demonstrated by her 52/28 drubbing by Prosser in the primary, no doubt.


  4. Dad,

    Was it 52%? I saw 55% someplace else. Be that as it may, one way to view the election result is that Prosser's support dwindled by only 2%-5% even after the "nuclear firestorm" of the campaign. It would seem that Tim's observation that negative campaign ads are designed to depress voter turnout is correct.

    Would the Dems feel better if what's-her-name in Waukesha County had correctly reported the vote totals right away? They were preliminary totals, after all. And somebody wants a federal investigation? Sheesh!

    The Town Crank