Monday, April 4, 2011

Vote Early; Vote Often.

I can’t vote for Paul Soglin. But that’s only because I don’t live in the city of Madison. If you live in the city, I strongly suggest you vote for Hizzoner. I believe so strongly that Paul is the right man for the job at the right time, that I may just wander over to the polling place for the 57th Ward, where I used to live, see if I’m still on the voter list (it’s only been 16 years)and cast a vote or two for Paul.

As a former varsity debater, I know what happened on Channel 3 last Friday night from 8 to 9 PM was not a debate, even though they like to call them that. But whatever it should be called….joint appearance, political panel, campaign stop, whatever…Paul Soglin was the clear winner, in my humble but deadly accurate opinion. Kudos to moderator Eric Franke and his team for putting together some good questions for Soglin and Cieslewicz. I’ve known Paul for 23 years, personally and professionally, and I’ve never seen him more energized and more ready to take on and solve the challenges ahead for Madison. Dave has done a decent job of running the city, but Paul is uniquely qualified to guide Madison through the minefield the Walker administration has created for Madison and Dane County.

The Daily Cardinal, in endorsing Paul, called him a legend. They don’t know the half of it.

After I commit my voter mischief in the city of Madison, I think I’ll take the short drive to the Fitchburg Fire Station on Lacy Road, see if my name is still on the voter rolls for the 9th Ward (it’s only been 15 years), and cast a ballot or two for my old friend, Jay Allen. Even though I fired him years ago, and he harbors those terrorist gardeners in his community, he’s similar to Soglin in that he seems to be most happy when he’s mayor.

And, each of these several times I’ll vote in various jurisdictions, I’ll be marking the ballot for Parisi and Kloppenburg.

After all, the voter fraud that’s rampant in Cheesetopia is a serious issue, and I certainly want to do my part to make sure it continues unabated. Feel free to join me.

Vote early; vote often.


  1. Reprinted from Waxing America

    Mayor Dave is a capable, energetic, Sunshine mayor.
    Madison needs a War Time Consigliore.
    I’m signaling you through flames, Soglin. The government has set my house on fire, and is roasting my pig over the coals.
    I need heroes. Not bicycle lanes. I need to know that Soglin for mayor is not a question but a declaration. I need to know that Soglin for mayor is not supplication, but an outcry.
    Strive to find that eye you had in childhood, and reinvent Madison, ..Wisconsin,.. the world.
    Change this world so I don’t have to be a dissident any longer.

    When Paul Soglin wins
    Gonna pack up all my blues
    Pack up the blues and throw them all away

    When Paul Soglin wins
    Gonna grow my hair real long
    And dance with the girl with the red shoes all night long

    When Paul Soglin wins
    I’ll be on my way
    To much brighter day

    “The idea of poetry as an arm of class war disturbs the sleep of those who do not wish to be disturbed in the pursuit of happiness.”
    Can be recited or sung to ‘Black Friday Comes’

    Where's the party?

  2. Just wandering over from New Jersey, again, to stay updated on what's happening. As usual, happy I did...