Friday, April 8, 2011

Trust Nothing

The image above is stolen from the Ace of Spades HQ blog.

Says it all.

Prepare for the onslaught of the expensive lawyers.


  1. You'll love this...

    "Patch"--a news outfit which is brand-new, reported the City of Brookfield totals on its site, because the reporter (ex-Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel) got them from the City clerk.

    Evidently "Patch" feeds AOL News, which also reported the totals.

    So they were out there. Even Nickolaus could have found 'em. But maybe she doesn't read "Patch".

  2. Dad: I'm assuming you read Ann Althouse's blog...her real-time posts from Tuesday night clearly indicate a huge problem in Waukesha County. It's almost scary to read her posts around 11:30 PM....Powerline picked up on it, too.


  3. Colonel,

    Not sure what's so scary. Mistakes are made frequently in broadcast reports.

    I'm reminded of my own City Council race in '07. My wife got the vote totals from the Hoover Elementary School polling place and I got them from Tullar Garage. I lost be a few at Tullar and by proportionately a few more at I knew within 30 minutes of the polls closing that I'd lost.

    But when I went to the Under the Dome bar in Neenah -- owned by State Assemblyman, Dean Kaufert -- the TV news reports showed me winning by two (2) votes! Since I had the counts of the electronic and non-electronic ballots at both polling places, I quickly determined that someone had not bothered or forgotten about the electronic voting machine counts...because that was exactly the difference.

    My friend, Alderman Nick Piergrossi even captured a TV screen shot of the result for me after he left the bar (it was easy; the result was on all night). Here it is.

    Should I have demanded a recount because of a reporting error?

    The Town Crank