Tuesday, May 24, 2011

RoJo Speaks!

Our other U.S. Senator has been heard from! Ron Johnson appeared this morning on the Faux News Channel, to inform the anchors and anchorette that he’s been observing Washington D.C. from the inside for nearly five months now, and has concluded that “Washington is broken.”

Kudos to the Freshman Senator for using the appropriate “broken”, and not “broke.”

I don’t consume a great deal of political news, and I don’t spend a lot of time watching the Faux folks, but they’re in my regular morning scan of channels, and RoJo happened to be on when I stopped at DishNet channel 205. I didn’t stay around long enough to find out what the President has done in the past 24 hours that’s bad…something you can rely on Faux to provide every day….but I’ve got a nickel that says they ridiculed him for drinking Guinness in Ireland while Joplin was picking up the pieces.

While I’m scanning the TV band and slurping coffee, my wife is reading the morning paper, and most of the time when she hears the Faux people, she sighs audibly from behind the paper. She is a journalist to the core, and still can’t understand why I would spend any time watching Faux News. I’ve told her that I’d rather watch Gretchen Carlson bash the President – or do any other story – than to hear Ali Veshi prattle on, on CNN.

But I digress.

RoJo fielded softball question after softball question from Steve Doocy (who some months ago called CNN the “Communist News Network”) and then Steve hit RoJo up with a hard slider – if Paul Ryan’s proposed budget were to make it to the Senate as-is, would he vote for it? This is the kind of yes/no question most politicians are adept at dodging. But RoJo didn’t miss a beat and answered in the affirmative.

It’s the first time I’ve seen RoJo on TV since he was elected.

It was enough to hold me for another six months.


  1. I’d rather watch Gretchen Carlson bash the President – or do any other story

    I'll second that emotion.

  2. Well, ya know, Colonel, there's that Suffolk University poll that came out last week that included the question: "What political news source do you trust the most?" The top vote getter was Fox News with 28%. Next was CNN with 18%. To top it off, Bill O'Reilly was the most influential commentator.

    The poll was conducted in a pool of likely 2012 Presidential voters, according to the poll summary. Just sayin'...

    Here's the poll itself.

    The Town Crank

    P.S., And you know, of course, that I watch zero television?