Thursday, May 12, 2011

Ya Done Good, Young Man!

This shot was taken a few years back, when our son Dru embarked on his journey through higher education. He was accepted directly into the UW College of Engineering, because there was no math problem his teachers at Madison LaFollette High could throw at him that he couldn’t solve.

Funny thing is, he never mentioned anything to us about wanting to be an engineer.

So, he did a couple years in Engineering College, and then decided it wasn’t for him. It came as no surprise. Like many bright people his age….18….he didn’t really know what he wanted to be when he grew up, and when his teachers and counselors pushed him into Engineering, he went along with it for a couple years, but hated it and withdrew from the UW.

He went to work for a few months, and then jumped back into higher education. He took a few business courses at MATC, and caught fire. Found out he could read a spreadsheet like a champ and do debits and credits in his sleep. He fought his way back into the UW, which admitted him to the School of Business “on probation”, and he promptly wound up on the Dean’s List every semester from that point on.

A couple months ago, at an interview session set up by the UW Business School, he landed his dream job with Deloitte, one of the biggest accounting firms on the planet. This summer he’ll start work in their Milwaukee office – but he’ll probably do a lot of his living on airplanes and in hotels the first few years.

Saturday afternoon, he’ll walk across the stage at the Kohl Center and they’ll hand him the sheepskin; a few days after that, he takes the second part of the multi-part CPA exam, and a few weeks after that, he’ll have that hurdle behind him, and it’s on to his professional career.

He did it all on his own. His mother and I couldn’t be prouder of this bright young man.