Monday, January 9, 2012

Big Mystery

Whatever it is, it’s major.  But we don’t know what it is, so we naturally speculate on what may be behind the resignation of one of Barry Alvarez’s top lieutenants, Senior Associate Athletic Director John Chadima, who’s been one of Barry’s right-hand men for the past couple decades.

Sometime during the day Friday, Chadima was apparently suspended from his job; a few hours later, he resigned.  His UW-owned cell-phone was immediately disconnected (standard procedure, one imagines) and several local media pointed out Chadima’s half-million-dollar condo/home on Lake Mendota in the Town of Westport is for sale – implying that this is a recent development, although it appears to my brief search that it’s been listed for some time.

Relentless prying by the local media has generated little, if any, new information about what’s going on, except that Madison and L-A area police say they’ve had no contact with Chadima; the rumors that it was an incident somehow connected with the Badgers’ recent Rose Bowl trip have not been confirmed or denied; and all the UW is officially saying right now is that there is an investigation of some sort into whatever led to the suspension/resignation. 

Another of Barry’s right-hand men, Vince Sweeny, says only that Chadima’s resignation did not shut down the investigation and that until they have all their ducks in a row, the UW is not going to make further public comment about the situation.  Several media have reported that The Man himself, Barry Alvarez, is headed back to Madison from his other home in Naples, Florida.

I know nothing more than what I see on TV and read in the paper, and I have no “inside sources” who might shed more light on whatever it is that’s going on.

But, whatever it is, it’s big.  Stay tuned.


  1. Sweeney was never a "right hand man" of Alvarez's. He was part of Richter's team that carried over. He left not for a better position but because of how he knew he wasn't "one of Barry's." Its interesting that now Alvarez has none of his own left. All of the original hatchet men are all gone. The good thing for Barry is it seems he has a good relationship with David Ward. It will be interesting to see if Chadima leaves spilling the beans to his secrets or goes away with them. Barry is definitely in a tough situation right now.

  2. Sorta like the Milwaukee Police Dep't big-kahoona (in charge of Internal Affairs, no less) who "resigned" suddenly after being spotted in a car with an ex-felon.


    There are some things we don't WANT to know.