Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Things That Do NOT Surprise Me

One MILLION signatures on the Walker recall petition; 850K+ on the Clay Fish petition.

Paula Deen has Type-2 Diabetes.
Paula Deen says this diagnosis will not affect the way she cooks.

Newt and the rest of the gang are attacking Mitt in a Republican feeding frenzy.

A local weather-woman this morning said we’d get two to three inches of “snowfall”.  As opposed to….snowrise?  At least she didn’t say “the white stuff”.

The public prints are saying the next phase of the Walker recall is likely to be more difficult than the gathering of signatures.  Ya think????

The state Taxpayers Alliance says the well-off will do better than the poor under the changes to the 2011 state income tax rules.

Things That DO Surprise Me

The Captain of the Costa Concordia apparently fled the ship while it was sinking off the coast of Italy.  Whatever happened to “going down with the ship”….or, at least waiting until the passengers are all off the sinking ship?  This would seem to be the oldest law of the sea.  They oughtta hang this guy.

How poorly the Packers played Sunday.  I’m still annoyed.

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  1. 1 Million sigs is more than I expected. Thought the range would be 650-800K.

    But then, there'll be some cleaning/editing going on, too.