Tuesday, January 31, 2012

There's A Lot of Ignorance Out There

Fearless Leader had no idea there was a completely separate and clandestine e-mail system for secret use by staffers campaigning on the public’s dime.

Kelly Rindfleisch learned NOTHING from the caucus scandal a decade ago, and thinks she’s smarter than the FBI.

Barry Alvarez was aware that at certain unspecified times in the past, there may have been some parties connected to Rose Bowl activities held by high-ranking lieutenants where booze was served to underage drinkers, but knew nothing of Chadima’s party.

Glen Grothman and his ilk have no idea that every study done in the past four decades shows clearly that teaching abstinence doesn’t work.

El Rushbo thinks Newt Gindritch is an exemplary man for informing his wife that he wanted an open marriage, rather than just sneaking behind her back and carrying on.

I guess these examples fall into two general categories: plausible deniability and hubris.

On our next edition, we’ll examine historical evidence of ignorance, including the idea that Iraq had WMD’s and yellow-cake uranium.

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