Friday, September 2, 2011


A week of craziness, that’s what it was.

President Obama wants to give his big jobs speech the night of the Tea Party “debate”; and then gets totally bi#ch-slapped by John Boehner, who tells the Pres to f-off; they re-schedule the big jobs speech for Thursday night, and both sides seem unaware that it’s the NFL opener – and that for 97.21 percent of Americans, watching the Pack and the Saints is vastly preferable to watching another political speech.

Then, the clueless White House has to reaffirm that the speech will start early enough that it won’t bump into the NFL game.

Used to be that when the leader of the free world asked to speak, NOBODY said “no”…..

A kid gets clobbered over the head with a brick in a mugging downtown, involving a gang of seven thugs and losers, and it gets buried in the middle of the newscast.  We’ve accepted this behavior now, after a summer of muggings downtown?

Some dweeb politician lady was on the TV news explaining to me that the Republicans want to force women to have an ultrasound before an abortion, because the legislature recognizes that abortion is a “dangerous procedure” and they want to make sure it’s “safer”?  And yet the same right-wing extremists want to make sure no UW Med-school students learn this “dangerous procedure” by getting training at Planned Parenthood. 

As my friend GH used to say, “HDDTTWA”.  (How dumb do they think we are.)

State Supreme Court Justice David "Just a reaction" Prosser has to be shamed into recusing himself from a case where he has direct personal involvement.  State Supreme Court = Insane Clown Posse.

And try as they might, no national news reporter or anchor could get any east-coast governor to throw FEMA under the bus post-Irene.  Everybody said they were getting the help they requested in a timely fashion. 

Oh yes..I almost forgot.  I'm supposed to boycott Dancing With the Stars because they have a transgendered person this season.  Sonny and Cher's child.  Part of ABC's agenda to "push" transgenderism.  Yah, I'll get right on that.
A crazy week indeed.

(Image above copyright Sukiki Chan.  That's an anteater.)