Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Losing The Base

I’m pretty sure no matter what President Obama says in his “Jobs Speech” tomorrow (Thursday) evening, he’s pretty much toast.  It’s already been spun as a “campaign speech” and even though the Republicans are smart enough not to extend the event into NFL Football by giving a formal rebuttal, you know they’ll pick his “plan” apart, no matter what it is.

In my opinion, he’s pretty much lost his hard-core base here in the most liberal county of this purple state.

Why do I say that?

Not just because the TV stations which can (in Green Bay and Milwaukee) have already decided to put the speech on one of their auxiliary channels, and run their local news at 6 followed by the NFL Pre-Game show.  (In the arcane thinking of the NFL, Milwaukee is still the only other “home” market for the Packers other than Green Bay, though they haven’t played a game in Milwaukee for years.) 

I say he’s lost the base because when our former mayor, Dave Cieslewicz, posted a link to his weekly Isthmus column/blog on Facebook Wednesday, a rant which says he’s disappointed that President Obama didn’t stick to his guns regarding fuel economy standards for American cars and trucks, the comment stream was brutal.

Here’s a sample of the comments:
“he seems to be a man who fears fighting more than capitulation and what we need right now is a fighter.”
“it stinks that we get promises and no action.”
“he is the only man I’ve ever gone door-to-door for, NEVER will I do that for him again! He has betrayed everything that I thought he stood for.”
“what he needs to do is grow a pair”.  (This, from a female commenter.)
“Start fighting harder? I want to see him START.  I’m fed up with him telling us that we have to all suck it up together.  All of us except the super-wealthy.  When does he get sick of living with himself?”

And this is a representative sample; not many kind words for the President from the locals.

He’s toast.


  1. Do you have ANY idea what would happen to WTMJ if they decided to run Obama instead of the NFL?

  2. he outlook is bleak for him, but he could still pull off his reelection if a few things happen
    1. Stick to his principles, and go down in flames rather than capitulating under the guise of compromise. He's giving up far too much.
    2. If the economy improves before the next election, he'll have a good chance of winning. Steve Chapman had a good column about that in the State Journal a couple of weeks ago.
    3. If the Republicans run someone who doesn't appeal enought to the mainstream. If he or she is too much tea party, I think people will hold their noses and vote him in as the lesser of two evils, which unfortunately is what a lot of elections are these days. And if the liberals sit on their hands, they get what they deserve because the conservatives won't be sitting on theirs.

  3. Obama had not only continued on with, but has expanded Bush's various spying programs like the PatAct & overseas rendition. He has increased the War on Drugs to unprecedented levels, both in budget and scope of mission. He has also got our troops involved in more oversea wars, rather than bringing them home. He totally ignored the labor situation here in Wisconsin.

    Other than pure partisanship, why would anybody on "the left" want to vote for this guy?

  4. If the economy improves before the next election

    If wishes were kisses. EVERY mainstream economist is looking at 15+ months of no- or slow-growth.

    who doesn't appeal enought to the mainstream. If he or she is too much tea party

    Take a good look at the (R) primary comments about Reagan leading up to the '80 election.

  5. I was an Obama supporter, and I agree. He's toast.

    Look at any liberal's blogs/FB postings/etc. They are ONLY posting about reasons to hate the republicans. Never about any good thing the present administration has done.

  6. By the way,

    (In the arcane thinking of the NFL, Milwaukee is still the only other “home” market for the Packers other than Green Bay, though they haven’t played a game in Milwaukee for years.)

    Don't you think that advertising dollars (i.e., population) had something to do with this?

  7. Dad29 - yup, because it allows the Packers to claim the two largest TV markets in the state (Green Bay/Fox Valley market is bigger than the Madison TV market) as "revenue base." Some day the other NFL team owners will see through this shame and take a few percentage points of the TV revenue away from the Packers.

    On another "revenue" point: The ad dollars WTMJ-TV in Milwuakee and WFRV-TV in Green Bay would LOSE by not airing their 6 o'clock news and the entire NFL pre-game show are essentially irreplaceable (volatile inventory)- not to mention that it would piss off a ton of viewers.

  8. Meant "sham", not "shame" in 4th line above.

  9. not to mention that it would piss off a ton of viewers.

    Frankly, I think there would have been an 'event' on the front lawn of WTMJ which would put the singing-vuvuzela Madistan crowd FAR into the minor leagues.

    On the 'sham' thing: maybe. The Milwaukee market certainly isn't going to switch to Da Bears, and the NFL knows that. So how could they justify clipping a few points of revs?

    By the way: the only reason that the Packers do NOT play in Milwaukee is.......ta da.......Bud Selig, who took our money, got the rev-increase for the Brewers (and a nice gain on the sale) and then worried about "the grass" in the park WE PAID FOR.

    Check the record.

  10. Colonel,

    I got permission from Jim Lawrence, the fellow who posted the following opinion on an e-mail discussion list I subscribe to. Jim offers his view of the American political scene from time to time and we banter back-and-forth. He is a dyed-in-the-wool, public-health-care-loving, corporations-are-running-the-country Canadian liberal. He thinks that Obama is a shoo-in:
    The truth is that Obama is not black.

    He is not black in the way the ex-slaves are black. There is no history, no unspoken perception, no knowledge of just how long it took to even get the right to vote, no understanding of how hard of fight it took to get even the simplest of educations.

    He has grown up in an area in the US where his race has never been an issue, having a steady income in the family, knowing he will go on to the finest schools. He is a white person with dark skin and he is a conservative. At most, Obama is a conservative-liberal, as the many of right would never support a man of colour so he became a Democrat but he has never fought in the trenches and has no edge, no baggage and no compassion.

    He just does not comprehend what it is like to be some of the 80 to 90 percent of the population that have never had money and can only dream of a future when things will change.

    He has never failed. He has never had to fight and lose again and again just to get respect or get ahead...he has always won. He is of massive intelligence and like the brilliant lawyer he is, he can twist any situation to his favour. There is nothing that is beyond his reach...the truth is that even becoming the president was years of working hard just to get the chance to play for him. He has been insolated all his life from the truth of America just like the rich that support the right and sometimes the left...

    The rich who like to play with political candidates as if they were just a racehorse, from one of their stables, always like to pick and make the winner. The rich love him as he plays to their liberal side and they can all go home feeling like humanitarians as he is also safe, he will not rock the boat or do anything to threaten their way of life and he is skilled at keeping that crazy left and right at bay.

    The truth is that Obama is unstoppable and will always be the untested winner who makes success look easy. It is lucky that a president only has two terms or he could be floating on top for the next 10 to 15 years, playing off one side against the other, until he just got bored and went on to other challenges.

    ...As for the liberals not supporting Obama, do you really think they would ever support the current GOP offerings? The odds on favourite is for Obama to waltz to another victory, with his hands in his pockets and after an election campaign that has blown through billions of dollars. All the polls are saying that.


    Now, I don't know if that perspective gives you any insights. Personally, I think he's missing the possibility that the Dems will sit on their hands in '12.

    Offered for your consideration...

    The Town Crank