Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thugs and Losers

These things seem to go in cycles.  Thugs and losers invade Madison’s downtown and roam the streets in the early hours of the morning, looking for trouble and victims.  We seem to be in such a period again.

The latest incident involves a couple of young men who were walking on the UW campus around bar time a couple days ago.  They tell the cops they were accosted and then assaulted by a gang of seven young men, who clobbered one of the two over the head with a brick.  He’s still hospitalized, and we don’t know much more about it than that.

Had the victims been two young coeds, this incident would have ranked higher than the middle of the stack, which is where most of the local electronic media ran it.

We don’t have a description of any members of this gang of seven who apparently were after money.

We won’t draw any conclusions about their race or ethnicity, because it does not make one iota of difference.  They are thugs and losers, and I’m thinking it’s about time we had another crackdown on these low-lifes.

It’s a matter of priorities.  I know these extra patrols the cops put on from time to time cost money. Probably not as much as it will cost to police the Badgers/UNLV game at Camp Randall tonight; but serious money nonetheless.

But really, it’s just a matter of priorities.  And will.  This latest incident of the brick-to-head bashing is the most recent in a summer filled with incidents, granted not as violent, of people being attacked and mugged downtown around bar time.

It's time to spend the money again, and put a bunch of these thugs and losers out of business again.

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