Thursday, September 15, 2011

Upon Further Review...

I may have been wrong about the “Curse of SI” when I wrote about it a few weeks ago.  Note the late-August date on the cover above (Copyright Sports Illustrated).

The Brew-crew did well for a few days after the magazine cover came out, but then….

Watching them struggle to hit Phillies’ pitching was one thing; though that voice in the back of my head kept saying “they can’t do this if they meet the Phils in the playoffs”….but now, to watch them struggle against Rockies’ pitching….ugggh.

And the cherry on the cake is Prince Fielder’s interview with Brian Anderson, done Tuesday and leaked this morning, to run this weekend…..that Prince is apparently “going to take his talents elsewhere” next season; at least, that’s what one concludes when Prince tells BA that it’s been fun being the one-two punch with Ryan Braun, but those days are numbered.

When you’re in a pennant race, particularly when you’re slowly losing traction, the ONLY appropriate answer to a question about free agency is “let’s wait till after the season to talk about it.  Right now I’m focused on winning the NL Central and moving forward into the playoffs”, or some variation of that idea.

Curse of SI or whatever, I have an uneasy feeling.


  1. I thought the same thing when I heard that; and Dan Patrick on his show said that's a "must lie" moment. Why distract your team, even a little, mid-pennant race?

    But I've never liked Prince, so I'm biased.

  2. Fielder always struck me as a "Fielder first" kinda guy.

  3. I remember seeing the SI cover many years ago when the Brewers had an amazing start (I think it was 15-0). It was quickly followed by an equally-amazing slide.

    If anyone can blow a 5-1/2 game lead this late in the season, it's the Brew Crew.

  4. And then there is K-Rod complaining about no save opportunities....

  5. Reds = swept. Magic Number = 4. Milwaukee is a good team while Philly is a great team. If the Brewers end up pushing the NLCS to six games, this will have been a wildly successful season.