Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Aftermath

Somewhere, under all that snow, is my driveway. It was a lazy morning; I think only one person in our small neighborhood of 8 homes went to work this morning. Gradually, the neighbors trekked out one-by-one into the snow, starting to clear their driveways. We don't have sidewalks in our huge cul-de-sac, which was created by a speculative builder about 15 years ago. We're fairly isolated.

By the time I got my snowthrowing gear on and began preparations to put the new, snorting beast (snowthrower) to work, my good neighbor Sam had already cleared his driveway and had made several passes up and down mine. Sam took care of our snowthrowing when my wife and I were on our Caribbean vacation, and I told him this morning I'd drop off a case of beer at his house - and, good neighbor that he is, he said he wouldn't turn it down.

I put finishing touches on the job with the new machine, which cut right through the huge drifts as I widened out the driveway passage. My wife dug out the passageway from the driveway to the house, after she'd done the good neighbor thing and dug out the fire hydrant that serves our little enclave. Then we let the dogs out to run and enjoy the winter wonderland.'s back to work. No "snow day" for the self-employed.


  1. You (and I) had it easy in comparo to cityfolk whose cars were literally buried by passing snowplows--or whose gangway-sidewalks drifted up to 8-10 FEET.

    Those blowers are neat, eh?

  2. Our neighbor, Scott, blew snow both yesterday and today, so the bulk of the job was done. I hand shoveled the end of our double-wide driveway (the one we share with the neighbors) after the snow plow went through...but that wasn't so bad. Shoveled the thin layer of snow left after Scott's snow thrower cleared the walk to the front door...and now the sun's out and the front walk pavement is almost dry!

    We only got about 6-8" in the past two days, though, with some drifting. Not as bad as the December snowstorm.

    Nice picture, by the way. Don't let 'em force sidewalks on ya, Colonel!

    The Town Crank