Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Calling All Fitzgeralds.....

If your name is Fitzgerald and you need a cushy, high-paying state job, just call Governor Walker’s office at 608-266-1212 and tell Scotty which job you’d like.

Never mind if you’re not blood kin to Jeff or Scott Fitzgerald, whose daddy (pictured above) was just named head of the Wisconsin State Patrol. Wisconsin is open for patronage and nepotism…….er, business!

Seems old daddy Fitzgerald is pushin’ 70 now (he’s 68) and apparently hasn’t set enough money aside from his many law enforcement jobs to be able to retire, so he axed his boys real nice if they could make him the head of the State Patrol….and sure ‘nuf, them boys done did it!

They prolly just strolled over to the east wing and got Scotty to play ball with them, so’s daddy could wear a badge again! Pesky voters wouldn’t let daddy be Sheriff of Dodge County no more, and it just ain’t right that daddy don’t have no job.

I didn’t look too hard for a bio on Stephen Fitzgerald, so I’ll assume he has at least a high school education, but apparently not the common good sense not to ask his boys, one of whom runs the state assembly and the other who runs the state senate, if he could be head of the State Patrol and be in charge of 638 state employees, 474 of whom are sworn law officers.

Nothin’ unlawful about putting daddy into that job; it’s a political patronage job, and most of the other fellows (and the gal) who wanted the job were likely put there by that dimmicrat Jimmy O’Doyle, so Lord knows them folks would only have enforced the democrat laws if they’d been put in the job.

Not that it means anything, but when I wrote this, over half (52%) of the people responding to a Journal-Sentinel online poll were saying daddy wouldn’t have got the job if his boyz hadn’t smoothed things over with the guv. Prolly just jealous! 29% felt daddy’s qualified for the job, what with all his experience in law enforcement, but that it’s just wrong that his boyz pulled the strings to get him into it.

Come to think of it, my granddaddy James was one of the very first State Patrol officers in Wisconsin. I’m gonna call Daddy Fitzgerald and ask him to give a fellow mick a hand!!!! I’m thinkin’ about 50 grand a year as a “consultant” to the Patrol would be nice!

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  1. He even looks crooked. Since it's axiomatic that apples do not fall far from the tree, the Wisconsin voters who should have known better but voted for those two phizoos anyway can expect a bout of buyer's remorse.