Thursday, February 10, 2011

Utterly Predictable

Nobody really wanted to help Ted Williams, the “man with the golden voice.” They wanted to exploit his fame, as demonstrated by the sudden disappearance of all those nice, fat job offers he got during his 15 minutes of fame several weeks ago.

That slimy “Doctor” Phil was one of the biggest exploiters, along with NBC (miffed when Ted did interviews with other networks) and the rest of the media that cashed in on Ted’s sudden YouTube fame.

It didn’t take a genius, or somebody with a sociology degree, to know that Ted would relapse under the weight of his sudden fame.

Ted was on the CBS morning show yesterday, having left the Texas rehab center that “Doctor” Phil sent him off to, and is now living in what he calls a “clean-living sober house” in California. The big, juicy job offers that came to Ted during his initial 15 minutes of fame are long gone, disappearing as soon as news of Ted’s personal troubles and family squabbles broke, but he says he’s now actively looking for voice-over work.

Ted said the initial blast of offers from radio stations, an NBA team, and other high-profile outfits was too much, too fast for him to handle. Ya think?

This guy was “living” in a makeshift hut that was crappy by third-world standards when that Ohio newspaper reporter did the story that went viral on the internet, whisked suddenly into a world of limousines, five-star hotels, and the fawning attention of network TV producers.

Ted has the voice and the training to be among the top voice-over folks in the industry. What he needs more than a fancy job right now is help getting his life back together, help to stay sober, help to deal with his family issues, and help getting a union card and access to a studio so he can compete for voice-over jobs.

In other words, what Ted needs is NOT what the media have to offer.

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